Tuesday, 18 March 2014

5 more sleeps!!!

Not long now hey?! In 5 more sleeps, I will be down at Frankston to do a little swim, a little ride along the Eastlink freeway and then a little jog to St Kilda. 

I haven't done a specific weekly reflection post for the week of 10th - 16th March as I only did a few sessions - Tuesday windtrainer, Saturday ride (26km - 1 lap of the Portarlington course) and 8km jog/walk of the Portarlington run course. I have been doing heaps of sleeping (we are talking 8-10 hours a night and staying at work to cover off deliverables and tasks before I take a further 3 days off around this weekend. 

I manned the Giant/LivGiant tent at the Portarlington tri on Sunday 16th from about 5:30 through to 1pm (inc packing up the marquee). It was a very long day and it really worn me down but I had a great time helping out. I had a chance to look through the Giant 2014 stock catalogue the night before to get myself familiar with the different bikes Giant have for the different types of cycling - from the Trinity range for TT/triathlon through to Propel/Envie and Defy/Avail range. Knowing their specs through to the differences in geometry through to how these bikes are manufactured. 

I helped out the guys at CBD cycles when it was really busy - helping people with flat tyres (pumping up tyres and changing flats) through to basic cash transactions. It's amazing that some people don't own a pump and don't understand their bikes. I helped out a person with their flat tyre but the state of her tyres were so bad that there were major cracks throughout. I advised her that she is fine for the race but will need to get new tyres when she gets back to Melbourne to prevent flats and glass getting lodged. A young triathlete fell off his bike coming down the hill when his bag (which he had over one of his shoulders) came off and hit the front wheel. He broke several spokes of his bike and wasn't able to ride. I had my bike in the car and lent him my front wheel. I was happy to do so. 

There was a person who had a flat Di2 battery and heaps of people who forgot to bring a water bottle for the race and wanted to buy some.  After helping the two sets of people racing (Active feet and then Gatorade), there was a few hours of quietness until people finished their races and came over to the tent to sign up for the competition Giant was running.

After the awards were handed out, one of the ladies came over and thanked me for helping her out in the morning with her tyres as she podiumed! She had tyres with low pressure as well as worn brake pads which rubbed. 

Plenty of people came to sign up for the giant competition when the day was finished, most people wanted to get a new bike. The weather for the day was pretty shocking, so I think some people felt slow on their current bikes and looking to upgrade. 


After the triathlon, I went home, had a nap and then had dinner with the family before heading back to Melbourne. My little brother is down from Alice Springs so it was a good weekend to be near Geelong - tapering, helping out at the tri and spending down-time with the family. 

What am I doing for the next few days?! Not really a lot. I am kinda paranoid about falling off the bike between now and the race so I might do a session on the windtrainer instead. 

I think I was a little nervous this morning about the whole Ironman race for the first time this year. Not sure why, maybe just the realisation that THIS Sunday is THE day. 

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