Thursday, 13 March 2014

10 more sleeps!!!

I have hit taper town hard!

I have not done much other than an odd windtrainer session during the week with plenty of rest and sleep. My last run session was on Saturday afternoon on the 8th and my arches were too sore to do the Tuesday morning run. Due to work (need to cram in 2 weeks of work into 5 working days), I have had to stay back late to finish off my tasks. I have a work function on tonight which I will be doing a small 5min presentation so I won't be attending the Tri Alliance "End of Summer" BBQ at Elwood tonight.

I will try to get up for a swim in the morning before work and then heading to Geelong for the weekend. I will do a small ride at Portarlington on Saturday and a 10km+ run as I won't be able to do much on Sunday as I will be manning the Giant Bikes tent at the Portarlington tri. Hopefully I won't be on my feet all day and will be able to rest at some point.

I have been having some stomach pains lately, I have a feeling it would be related to the stress at work and may have a stomach ulcer. Hopefully it subsides by the weekend.

I am feeling quite relaxed about the Ironman on the 23rd. I know that I have done the work (I could) and there is nothing I can do between now and then which will improve on my race. I will do the event to get from the start to the finish line and will control the controllable (my own race). Time is inconsequential for me. I am not playing for a podium place, fame, fortune or Kona. I am not out there to please any sponsors nor am I out there to prove a point to anyone else, this race will be for me.  

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