Wednesday, 19 March 2014

4 more sleeps!!!

This morning I woke up with a bit of a fright. I had my alarm set for 6am as I was joining a group of TA guys (and gal) at 7am over at Elwood for a morning open water swim. Most of them went for a ride after the swim but I am still working (until Thursday pm).

I woke up thinking that it was Sunday, looked over at my watch and it was, thinking that I had about 45min to get my stuff all ready and speed down to Frankston to set up transition and start my Ironman day....It took a long time to realise that it was only Wednesday and I was only getting up to do an open water swim before heading off for another day at work.

Yesterday, I had a conference in the city which took up an entire day. No run session in the morning and I was mentally drained by 6pm. I am glad I did something this morning - albeit a very little part to my race day. I have all my nutrition sorted before the weekend and will put them away, so it is ready to be packed up when I receive my athlete's pack.

In my Blue bag, I will include the following:
Bike Shoes - I have switched to riding with my road shoes rather than my tri shoes as I find that my knees don't hurt as much when they are secured. Could be the angle of the cleats but I don't want to play around with anything at the moment.
Socks - I need socks with bike shoes. Can't wear these shoes without socks.
Vaseline/Paw Paw ointment - for the chafing bits
Talcum powder - for the shoes and socks.
Helmet - I am going to wear my Kask rather than my sperm (wanker lid). I figured a sperm helmet is not going to make me ride faster. I am going to ride with what I am comfortable with.
Glasses - for the glare and dust
Gels - My nutrition
Small face towel - to wipe my face and dry off my skin before applying vaseline.

In my Red bag, I will include the following:
Socks - I don't like wearing my cycling socks for running and vice versa. Would be nice to have fresh socks.
Running Shoes - I think I am going to wear my Newtons (what I had been training in).
Hat - helps with the sweat dripping into my eyes.
Vaseline - for the chafing bits.
Racebelt (with race number) - with gels on it ready to go
Salt stick - carries 6 tablets

I am going to have a special needs back on the run leg (only):
Gels - as I can only carry 6 on the belt loop
Extra salt tablets

As far as clothing, I think I will be wearing my tri-suit from start to finish. I don't need to wear extra knicks on the bike. I am not a two-piece gal - I don't have a flat stomach and I let things all hang out during the race :)

I will be heading down to the expo to register on Friday around 3pm so that I can head straight to the race briefing rather than going down to St Kilda twice. I think I will get my (race) nails done on Friday too so I can relax before taking my bike down to Frankston on Saturday. I feel so much better now having (typed out) my plans. Feel more organised and not as flustered.

Can't wait for work to be done and then I can get into Ironman mode.

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