Thursday, 30 January 2014

Challenge Melbourne - the revised plan.

The forecast for Sunday still remains at 41 degrees C and so Supersprint have released contingency plans which includes a greater number of aid stations on course as well as providing ice baths at the end. They have also released a reduced distance race of 1.9km/60km/14km (two laps of the bike and run instead of 3). This is especially for people who will be out of the course for a longer period and for the ones who are under prepared for this event.

I have decided to take this reduced distance change for this Sunday as my running would most likely push my finish time closer to 1pm than 12:30pm. I believe this is the smarter choice for myself (not necessarily for others) for the following:
- This is not my A race (Ironman Melbourne is my big goal).
- I have already raced Shepparton 70.3 in Nov 2013 (my 3rd half Ironman-distance Tri) and comfortable that I am able to complete this distance (even with a shocking run)
- I will be doing the 1.9km swim and 90km bike as part of a team at Geelong70.3 the following week (9th Feb)
- Reduce the stress on my body (extreme heat for longer time compared to others)

The earlier I finish, the quicker I can recover and support others on course may be racing their A-Race or their first half-ironman distance. I am hoping to finish around 11am.

There is also a change in times for race kit pick ups. The tent will be opened from 7 - 10am with course walk through at 9am. I think I will do my short ride early and hope to finish around 6:30-7am. Time to shower, fuel up and get to the site around 8:30am to pick up the kit and get familiar with the course.

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