Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Looking Ahead - November

Holy Crap! It is nearly the end of November and I totally forgot to do my Looking Forward for the month of November! Better late than never I suppose, so here goes…

The first weekend of November is Melbourne Cup long weekend. I am planning on riding Donna Buang on the Saturday and do a few repeats (like maybe 2?). Then I am going to ride the 100km Warbuton – Marysville Loop on the Monday before Cup day.

I have plans on heading back to Bright area to tackle at least 1 of my 3 options of the next stage of my training plans: ride Buffalo (Peaks Challenge), from Mt Beauty to Falls Creek (Peaks Challenge) or ride from Omeo to Falls Creek (3rd Peak of the 3 Peaks Challenge). I will do this during the 6-8th November weekend.

15th November is the Lake Mountain climb as part of the 7 Peaks Challenge. Most likely be just doing a spin on Beach Rd the day before.

22nd November is the Giro della Donna – 110km ride which combines the 100km Warburton – Marysville loop combined with the Donna climb. I will most likely not be doing much the day before so I can rest the legs.

28th – 29th November – I will head to Mansfield to ride to Mt Buller (one of the 7 Peaks). Rather than do just the climb, I will either ride from Mansfield – Buller return (100km) or a shorter distance and do ride repeats.  

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