Monday, 5 October 2015

200 clicks over GF weekend.

Due to the AFL Grand Final, the state of Victoria decided it would be a great idea to have Friday as a public holiday...I wasn’t complaining.

Around the Bay is this Sunday (11th Oct) and I wanted to spend time on the saddle. I needed a long ride before the event so I decided to take advantage of the public holiday on Friday and do my long ride then rather than leaving it for Sunday.

There is a bakery in Sorrento called Baked In Sorrento – they make really delicious cakes and pastries and not to forget – cyclist friendly! The aim for the day was to ride from my house (Cheltenham) down to that bakery for a donut or a slice with coffee and then ride home. I was originally going to ride down to Port Melbourne first (which makes the ride closer to 180km) but decided against it considering my longest ride is 110km over 6 hours.

The ride down to Sorrento was enjoyable. I didn’t ride fast and I was riding solo. I didn’t want to ride in a group, I just wanted some alone time on the bike and mentally discipline myself to get through the day. The wind wasn’t too strong which made the ride really awesome. I took some form of nutrition every 30min but had my Garmin alarm set at every 15min. I bought an iced donut and a coffee at Sorrento and rested for about 20min before I made the journey back home. The ride home was equally amazing. Cars were banked all the way into Sorrento all the way from Mornington due to the long weekend. I stopped off at Frankston for a top up of my hydration and consumed a third of a can of coke. I had a quick stop at Mordialloc before the 6km journey back home.

150km within 6.5 hours was a pretty good effort and I didn’t feel too smashed or exhausted and glad I did this ride before next weekend. The exhaustion hit me about 3 hours after I reached home as my mind and body just didn’t want to do anything but lie horizontal. No decisions were made that day.

Saturday was the Grand Final – I decided against doing anything that day and instead, hung out with friends pre-game for brunch before we walked to the MCG. Hawks won – back to back to back Premiers!

My friends were racing crits on Sunday at 7:15am and as I enrolled in the crits skills session on the 18th, I really I wanted to see how the event goes before I decided if I am going to race or not. We rode down to South Melbourne and watched crits until 11am. Then we had brunch in Port Melbourne before we headed home into the headwind. I did a few efforts on the bike along the way to exert myself and to improve on my fitness. 50km for Sunday. 

I had ridden 200km over 2 days and pretty happy about that. Leading up to ATB on Sunday, I will try to make it to altitude on Tuesday night all the way from Chadstone after my presentation, a spin class at GESAC on the Thursday morning and a road ride on Friday morning. I am not doing any strength work other than some core movements before this weekend. Resting my legs on Saturday by heading over to a friend’s house to watch (and pick up) my new thermomix! Custards errrrrryday! 

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