Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Strength Training Phase 2 - Maintenance

So I am on my 2nd phase of my strength program which is the maintenance stage. Main key differences between this phase and the build phase are:
  • I am no longer increasing the weight and working on building muscle within my supersets - rather, I am doing more movement with squat jumps, hopping, wood chopping, push ups, lunges, pull ups and improving on my fast twitch muscles. 
  • The pinnacle set is now just one move per day - Mondays I have squat to toes but not lifting as heavy as I was when I was doing the 6RM. So instead of squatting with 65kg, I am doing squat to toes with 50kg. However, deadlifts on Wednesdays remain the same but as I am on 8RM, I will be going back to the weight I was lifting at those reps. 
  • Core work remains the same but introducing more stability and flexibility/strength in the ankles.
As I was sick last week, I haven't done a full day of Day 2 strength session yet. I did week 2 of Day 1 yesterday and as the supersets are repeated 3 times instead of twice, the sessions do take longer than the previous phase so I will have to take that into account when I am training before work.

I am in Sydney today and tomorrow but will utilise the facilities here for my training. As I am feeling a bit sick, sore and sorry for myself, I will do some recovery running on the treadmill tonight and will head to the gym in the morning for Day 2 of my strength program. I decided to not stress about swimming here in Sydney as I would have to being my bathers etc.

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