Friday, 7 August 2015

Looking Ahead - September

The month of September will be a busy one for me. I will have a holiday for two weeks in Japan and when I return, I have two cycling events. 

13th September is Amy’s Gran Fondo. This is my first attempt at this event and I am looking forward for the challenge. I have never done Skenes Creek before nor have I ridden the back roads of Lorne. This event is classified as a B event I won’t be doing long runs that weekend but I will ensure that I do the 2 interval sessions during the week. 
Amy's Gran Fondo Route
On the 20th September, I have entered in my 2nd Off Road Fondo for the year called Double X. From what I have read, this event is not as hard as the Dirty Gran Fondo so I may do this event on my cyclocross bike instead of the mountain bike. I will decide on the day before depending on the weather. As this is not an A nor a B event so I may do a run on Saturday. 

During the month of September, my swims will stay consistent at 3 sessions and maximum distance of 10km per week. I will see how the weather improves during the month of September as I would like to include one short road ride before work, most likely on a Monday or Wednesday and my runs will stay at 2 intervals and a long run on the weekends working on my speed over distance to ensure that my run during Shepparton is at its best. My strength session block continues after my holidays and will keep this going until Shepparton.

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