Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Chicks who ride 100km

The Womens100 is happening this Sunday. This initiative was started by Rapha (I think from what I read when it first started 3 years ago) where females ride for 100km - you can do this within the organised groups or do this on your own. It is just a day to get out there and ride.

This time last year, I signed up for the Rapha100 ride but didn't end up riding as I fell off my bike on a CX course and hit my head hard and smashed my face. I missed out last year and hated it as I saw on social media the photos of the group rides (both from Rapha and Jaggad) and I was envious.

This year, I decided to sign up for the Jaggad Womens100 and fingers crossed, the weather will be kind to us. I am looking forward to riding with my friends down Beach Road. Luckily, the people who registered through the Jaggad website receive a free Jaggad limited edition Womens100 jersey which I am super excited about! I love cycling kits (as you know). I will most likely pick up my jersey on Saturday morning.

The ride starts at 7:30 at The Milk Bar (Jaggad Shop) in Elwood and we will head down over Oliver's Hill and then up to Tom Organic in St Kilda for a small feed.

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