Monday, 20 July 2015

3 Peaks Entered.

So this morning, I entered the 3 Peaks Falls Creek event. On 13th March 2016, I have to complete a 235km loop starting from Falls Creek to Towonga Gap) then up to Hotham, then through Omeo then back up Falls Creek. The total elevation for this event is greater than 4700m and I have to do it all under 13 hours.

This will be a very tough event to do - much more tougher than anything I have ever done but I am up for the challenge ahead. 

I decided in February 2015 that I was going to do this event after speaking to a friend of mine about it just before his 2nd attempt in March of this year. 

I researched into it for weeks before I told a few people close to me that I was going to sign up for this event. I don't get swept up in the whole "inspirational" stuff after watching Youtube or reading reports - I know it is hard work and it will put a toll on the body. This event (for me) is not about the glory of crossing the finishing line or about how much you can brag - this is something which I detests about the Ironman culture, it is about putting a goal ahead so I can focus and put plans into place ahead. Lets face it, it will be 13 hours on the saddle, it is not a joke.

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