Thursday, 23 July 2015

12 Week Strength - Complete

Yesterday 22nd July, I had just completed my last session of my 12 week strength program. I completed it in a gym which I hadn't been before (Anytime Fitness in Port Melbourne) and worked with whatever they provided. I have to say, having used 4 different facilities within the last 12 weeks, the one in Cheltenham is definitely the best - good layout and equipment availability. The one in Port Melbourne I have to say is the one I like the least, the weights are old and the increments are strange as they are still in pounds, the squat rack was strange, medicine balls were huge and benches were also old and manky. First world problems and I digress...

So for the last week of the 12 week program, my weights are at its maximum but the reps are reduced down to 6. For my pinnacle sets, I was at 65kg for my squats (nearly at my own weight), dead lifts at 50kg and split squats at 50kg.Within my supersets, chest press at 2 x 10kg, step ups carrying 2 x 10kg, shoulder press at 2 x 8kg, single arm dumbbell row at 15kg, barbell bend-over row at 35kg and bicep curls at 2 x 8kg. My plank is at 2min but I am only able to do this once, the second one I can reach 1:40. Side planks at 1:15 (the right better than left). With regards to my weight, it went back up in the wrong direction last week which is disheartening but with my measurements which will be done on Monday, I am hoping to hear good news. Will update how I am progressing.

This morning, after my morning spin class, my legs are shaking. It could be a combination of fatigued legs from Sunday's run (DOMS still throbbing through) and heavy loads from the strength sessions. Fingers crossed that it will subside before Sunday's ride.

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