Friday, 1 May 2015

Looking Ahead - June

I have set a few events within the month of June which will make it a busy one for me - this is a good thing as it will keep me motivated to train during the week especially when winter kicks in.

Queens B'day (long) weekend will be the first weekend in 6 years that I will not be attending the Tri Alliance
Lorne Training Camp (as I am no longer training with this squad). I am making the most of the long weekend with a trail running event (more details below) and spending time along the coast with the family.

  • The Run Forrest trail run event is on the 7th June (Queens B'day weekend) - there is a 10km or 21km course. I will make this my long run day for that long weekend - I will decide by mid May if I will be running 10km or 21km. I am not stressed about running the 21km as this is a trail run and I will not be racing it. 
  • On the 21st June, there are several run events on - there is the Salomon Trail (11 or 15km) run out at Studley park and there is a Sri Chimnoy run at Albert Park (10km or 21km). I will use this as my long run day for the week. Trails vs Pancakes?
  • The Melburn Roobaix is on the 28th June and this will take up the whole day. It is not considered a training day as the distance is 45km and it will not be done at any intensity or speed. I will most likely do a ride on the Saturday followed by a run after the ride or in the afternoon. 

Small Goals/Key Sessions:
  • Continue with the run technique on Tuesday evenings and interval running on Thursday evenings. 
  • Swimming on Tuesday and Friday mornings.
  • Continue with Strength Sessions - Monday and Wednesday.

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