Friday, 29 May 2015

Dirty Duathlon - The Preview

This Sunday, I have my first official duathlon event. Although I have completed several duathlon races - most of them being the corporate triathlons, I have never signed up for one on purpose!

This one is an unusual one too as it is off road. It is held at You Yangs and the event distances are:
5km Trail Run
17km Mountain Bike Ride
4km Trail Run

Why did I sign up for this event? I have mentioned before that this year, I am making myself accountable for my training and signing up to events, albeit will occur expenses throughout the year, will make me push beyond my comfort zone and will help me achieve my goals.

I felt that this event was do-able for someone with little confidence in mountain biking and less than ideal fitness levels. I have really enjoyed riding out at You Yangs (Kurrajong trails) so I signed up for this event when I saw it on social media around April. 

As this is a duathlon and off-road, my gear would need to completely change! The event is held at You Yangs, so I thought I would stay at my parent’s house out of Geelong so the drive over there would be around 45min instead of 1.5 hours.'

I have decided to wear just a plain pair of tri shorts for the entire event. I have never really found it too uncomfortable on the saddle on the mountain bike even though the saddle is totally different from the one I have on all my road/CX bikes. For the top half, I am either going to wear a short sleeve or a long sleeve running shirt. I am not going to bother with a cycling jersey or tri-top. I currently don’t have a tri suit to wear and I don’t think a tri suit will be required for a duathlon although I would like something to hold my stomach in. Considering it will most likely be showers on Sunday (today’s forecast for Sunday) – it will most likely be a long sleeve shirt. I will wear socks throughout the event, I might even double sock up for some comfort. 

On Run 1, I will have my trail runners on. Coming into transition, I will change out of my running shoes and into my MTB shoes, put on my Camelbak hydration bag for ease of drinking on the bike, have my helmet near my bike. Coming back into Run 2, I will change out of my bike shoes and into my running shoes, take off my hydration bag and off I go. 

I don’t know if I will wear a hat or glasses. I won’t be carrying any hydration on the run as there is a drink station on each one of the run legs. I will carry my nutrition on me. I will definitely have a gel before the start and one (or maybe two) more on the bike and then nothing for the 4km run. Based on my estimations, I will do the following times:

Run 1 – 0:30 – 0:35min
Bike – 1:15 – 1:20
Run 2 – 0:20 – 0:30

Total time of 2:20 – 2:35 (including transition)

Considering that I am very hesitant on the mountain bike even though the course itself is not technical, I am prepared to take the DFL placing again. Once again, I am not bothered as I am doing this event to make my training accountable and placing myself out of my comfort zone.

We received our race numbers yesterday - I am "duo29". 

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