Monday, 9 June 2014

(Not Quite) Weekly Reflection 02/06 - 05/06

I thought I would get this down before Lorne Camp. This week's training has been tracking well. I had to juggle a few things around but I am glad that I did something everyday.

Due to the hill work we did as part of the Run Technique on Sunday (1st June), my calves pulled up tight and sore on Monday. I tried to massage it out with my thumbs (it was too deep for rollers). I did my swim set on Monday and I doubt that swimming with fins helped it either.

I had my bike in for service so I didn't have a bike to use at windtrainer. I had planned on commuting into work on the CX on Tuesday but the weather turned terrible. I decided to park the ride aside as I couldn't be bothered when Lorne Camp was coming up so soon. I went to the gym instead and did some strength and core work. Since I haven't done much of this for the last few months, the post strength and core soreness were very noticable. So noticeable in fact that I couldn't laugh without feeling my abs were pulling me in.

Swim on Wednesday was back at Mentone and Coach Anna made us (slower lanes) do the following:
Warm up - 300 mix, 200 kick
Main Set - 5 x 200 (various stroke correction techniques), 4 x (150m 75% hard, 100m pb+p breathe 2, 3, 5 7)
Cool Down - 200m (I did breast and back)
As much as remembering what you did for swim training is really boring for some people, I am noting them down as it is different from what I have been doing for the last 4 years. It is a welcoming change and the fact that you don't know what you will be doing is also a novelty. The 25m pool is still a pain in the ass but I am getting used to it.

I didn't do my Thursday afternoon run due to work issues which I won't dwell on. I hate it when everything falls apart - work issues which led to no training which led to being unhappy as either tasks were not completed and letting myself down. I packed like a mad woman on Thursday night. My head was not in the right head-space and I couldn't be bothered making much of my meals which I had planned on doing. I decided to bring both my road bike and Annie (the mountain bike) with me and if I needed to ride to the shops, I could. It ended up being a good thing which I will talk about later.

My side project has been going well. I have been selling a few cycling caps from my own range and setting up the online shop is slowly getting there.

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