Friday, 20 June 2014

(More than a week's) Reflection 10/06 - 20/06

This week (or fortnight now) has been an odd-ball of days. Having the long weekend and Lorne camp really through the consistency of training out the window. As much as the spike in training during Lorne Camp was a great thing, it also made me tired and out of energy for the next few days post-camp. I think also my injury (broken finger), work stress also got the better of me.

I gave myself a few days off training after camp. As much as the Coaches all advised that we take it easy but continue training, my tiredness just got the better of me. I didn't do any swim sessions the week post camp and only got back into the swing of things on Thursday when I did the run session on Thursday night.

I coached on Saturday morning with the beginners and that was a very good session. I had a beginner who had never ridden with a group before, did a few mini triathlons and the longest ride was 40km from his place in Port Melbourne to Mentone and back. We rode from the Great Provider to Port Melbourne, then down to Mordialloc and then back to the Great Provider. Just a touch over 60km and his longest ride to date. He was pretty happy about that and learnt plenty about road safety, signalling, drinking and eating whilst riding and also what do to when riding up hills.

After the long flat ride, I then went on a little adventure to the You Yangs with my friend Sally (hello Sally!!). I had never been there before and looked forward to this ride. We rode about 80% of the Kurrajong trails and I loved every minute of it. Even when the heavens opened up and it rained heavily, I still had a smile on my face and enjoyed being out on the mountain bike. In a couple of weeks, we may head back there again and ride the easier parts of the Stockyard trails (now I am scared!).

Sally and I - after our rainy ride at You Yangs
The run technique sessions were moved to the afternoon as Coach Rupert was not available that morning. I joined the Fairfield run group instead and was put through the reigns with Coach Greg. I haven't ran with this group in about 6 months and I did noticed the drop in my fitness because of my non-attendance. We did about 12km in total but it was broken down into plenty of hill work, technique, core work, lunges etc. A soak in the Yarra river was also a welcomed recovery routine - my legs are not sore for days after long runs.

I didn't end up going to the re-scheduled run technique session due to my cap sewing commitments - I had 4 caps to make over the weekend.

Navy blue, yellow and white (to match Tri Alliance colours)
Black and green for

The next week was no different in terms of training - I lacked consistency due to work which really sapped up my mood and energy levels. I did the windtrainer session at Mentone on the Tuesday night, swam by myself on Wednesday at GESAC and ran with Rupert on the Thursday night. We ran along the athletic track of the junior school of Mentone Grammar which was great! Enough light for us to see and the track is nice and smooth. Would be great to be able to return there to run again but can be harsh on the joints as the track has very sharp bends.

This weekend, I will be heading out to the hills!!! It will be my first hill ride due to coaching commitments which meant that I have been riding on flat (and not in the most harder efforts). I am also catching up with friends on Sunday so I will commit myself to run in the morning along Beach Rd.

Favourite session of the week: The mountain bike session on Saturday last week - such fun riding in the rain and being on a bike!

Least favourite session of the week: Although I enjoyed the long run session at Fairfield, due to my lack of fitness (and still trying to find my run-nirvana), I felt like a hefer. I have no strength and power (as Coach Greg mentioned) as I haven't been working on them. Can't blame anyone but myself.

Advice of the week: I am really enjoying the mountain biking rides. Will try to cater for this within my training schedule. I want to keep my training fun, as much as it is easier to say this (after I have done several Ironman races) - there is more to life than just triathlon.

Thing I’m looking forward to next week: I am actually looking forward to some riding in the hills this weekend. I really need to work on this for the Gran Fondo (Vancouver to Whistler).

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