Monday, 26 May 2014

Weekly Reflection 19/05 - 25/05

Last week was pretty hectic - balancing (work) work, life, my side project and training. As I had mentioned before, I have started to get a few things ready for my new adventure. It is not really ready for announcement yet as I am trying to get a few administrative things done.

I didn't have a chance to soak my legs post Sunday's run session and I had DOMS pretty much for 3 days after that. It was only a 9km run and I had DOMS for days - what does that tell you about my fitness? A big CRAP!

So I picked up my Triathlon Truck on Tuesday 20th. It took me nearly 2 days to get used to driving a compact SUV compared to my VW golf. I love the height of the vehicle! On the weekend, I had my bike at the back and there was no need to take the front wheel off! Such a bonus. I am still getting used to driving an auto (been driving manuals since I was 18), the keyless entry and the i-Stop thing...which means that in traffic (or whenever I have the brakes one), the engine of the car stops but starts up again when I have the foot off the brake.

On the training side of things, I haven't been attending the squad swims but have been following the program to a T on my own at GESAC. As we are working on the technique side of things for the next few weeks, I am comfortable about doing these sessions on my own. After camp, I will start the swims again at Northcote/MSAC/Mentone.

Long ride on Saturday was from Hampton Cycles down to Frankston BP and back. The ride was OK, I did struggle with calf cramps when I was advised to work on my stroke (heels down more). It was a pain as I was struggling to keep up whilst I cramped.

Had my first run session on Sunday with Rupert. After the warm up and drills, we learnt the difference between the 4 interval styles of running:

1) Intensive - Short Sprints with long rest
2) Extensive - Longer Sprints within a certain time (once you reach there, your rest time is whatever you gave left within that time frame).
3) Fartlek - Run plays - This is on and off but still running (no stationary or walking rests)
4) Tempo - slightly faster than the long run pace but constant speed.

I was definitely comfortable with the Tempo but struggled with the first 3. My speed was definitely MIA.

Favourite (and Least Favourite) session of the week: Loved my run session on Sunday - Learning the basics and hopefully learn to run faster. I am running with Rupert too on the Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings (when I am not coaching) so I am aiming to keep running as consistent as possible.

When we were doing sprints and fartlek, I was not comfortable at all - my heart rate was high, I just couldn't move my limbs fast. Just really weak in general.

Advice of the week: Time to get some specific strength training into my schedule again. This includes squats and leg presses.
Thing I’m looking forward to next week: Aiming to attend a full week's training and ticking off the sessions.

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