Friday, 16 May 2014

Dirty Gran Fondo - Professional Pics

I bought some professional photos from the official photographer from the Dirty Gran Fondo event. To put things into perspective, I have yet to purchase my Ironman Melbourne photos! I am more proud of this event as it was something completely out of my comfort zone and it was also my first off-road event.

These were purchased from James Taylor's website.

At the start of the race. I remember trying to keep up with these ladies.
Unfortunately, I was dropped like a sack of potatoes

This was the top of the first hill climb.
I am only smiling here as there was a camera present.

Alright, no more smiling for the camera, now keep on going.....chug chug chug chug

See how much mud there was on my ass....that was only the beginning!

This was taken just before the finish line.
 See the smile on my face - yeah, realised it was the finish line and I actually made it.

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