Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Athlete Number 586

I was casually looking through the Ironman Melbourne website today and came across the Athlete List!

This meant that we have been allocated our race numbers and I am athlete number 586 (last year I was 555). From the race numbers, it looks like there are more people at the start line than last year too (this number will also decrease come 23rd March 2014.

I googled the significance of 586 and came across this:

Smith & Wesson - Model 586
Smith and Wesson have a handgun model 586. I am hoping that this is good karma for me that I will be firing like one on race day (pffffft - fat chance but one can dream!).

Work got in the way of a Monday morning swim but I did do a good (quality over quantity) run session this morning at Bayside with coach Rupert. After the usual warm up and drills, we did 6-8 sets of (500m at 10km race pace followed by 100m recovery jog) using the athletics track. I ended up doing 7 due to timing (was the slowest out of the group). I think the massage I had on Monday evening really helped with recovery and got all the tight muscles sorted out before I headed into another run session.

26 more sleeps to go!!!

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