Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lead Out Cycling - Second Session - TT, Hills and Teardrop

I have had a love-hate relationship with Studley Park for years. The location is great as you don't have to travel far to do a few hilly rides. The tear drop loops is where I used to do TT efforts when I was training with Tri Alliance but during that time, we never really learnt how to ride hills, cornering or descents.

Since about April 2016, I have done a few lessons to learn how to ride on the drops, descend properly and cornering at speed.. As I am only cycling, I actually have opportunities to practice those skills after the lessons.

This morning was my 2nd session with Lead Out Cycling (LOC) and the session was held around Studley Park. The session started at 5:45am and the warm up was from the starting point to Yarravale St where we re-group. We then do a TT effort to the Kew end of Yarra Blvd and back down to the Teardrop. Then it is 4 efforts up the incline and then recovery down the corner followed by efforts up again on the climb. We then regrouped again and did the whole thing from the TT and the Teardrop efforts again!

The whole ride was about 24km but I gained plenty of benefits from the session. I now have a benchmark to my level of fitness and strength and hopefully with consistent training, I will improve to become a more confident cyclist.

My next session with LOC will be on Saturday when we go for a long ride. My endurance is not great at the moment so I am a bit hesitant about being able to ride with the group for the entire way. I will report on how the Saturday session goes...

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