Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lead Out Cycling - First session - Power and Sprints

So this morning, I did my first training session with Lead Out Cycling. It was a sprint session held out at Albert Park Lake. I am glad I did a few sprint sessions over the holidays as part of the Festive500 because it gave me a chance to work on my body positioning over the bike when I am down on the drops.

Recently, I have been training to ride down on the drops more than the hoods. I can corner more confidently on the drops and still very hopeless on the hoods. With sprinting, I am gaining the confidence (and subsequently strength) whilst also down on the drops which is great.

The session started at 5:45am at the Carousel parking area around the corner from MSAC. I parked at MSAC that morning knowing that I can head to the toilet when they opened at 5:30am and with a bit of time to get ready to meet the crew there just before 5:45am.

I recognised a few faces based due to friends, friends of friends and through social media. I started at the back as per the coach’s preference for a first timer and I was totally comfortable with that. We first did a lap around the lake and then started our session around the pit straight.

The session was based on two types of sprinting:

1) Hard gear sprinting starting from close to 0km/hr.

2) Sprinting from a moving speed and increasing gear if required.

I really enjoyed the sprint work this morning as it played into my strength of power for a short period of time on the bike. I do need to work better at lower elbows and maybe picking the right gears to sprint with. I found that when I start on a gear too high, I am slow and a bit wobbly.  

Thursday’s session is at Kew Blvd….it will not be a sprinting session so I will play it by ear to how I will go….it might be an issue after the session when I have to travel to work (by car).

It is now 3 hours post session as I write this and my legs are throbbing! I really miss my compression boots for recovery sessions….

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