Thursday, 8 December 2016

Plans for 2017 onwards

So….you may be hearing crickets in the background whilst reading this entry….I don’t blame you. I haven’t been blogging as much as my previous years because the current phase of my life is crazy!

I had mentioned before we are moving house and for the last few weeks, I have been doing some sewing for the hobby business, looking for a place to move into, culling my belongings to minimise bringing things to the next house, arranging for removalists, arranging for cleaners and steam cleaners, planning for TDU and throwing out clothes which I no longer fit in *sigh*…

Good news, we found a place, it is closer to the city and we move in on the 9th December. Our current address is Aspendale which is approx. 35km from the city. The new house is in Hampton East and it is about 11km which is going to be great for commute.

I am really looking forward to it as I am going to make changes to my lifestyle for 2017. I didn’t end up doing any events after Ol’Dirty. I had an entry for “Chase the Dog” but the day ended up being horrific and I actually came down with a bad cold which set me back off the bike for 2 weeks. I then pulled out of “Ride to the Divide” as I had a backache and I pulled out of Giro della Donna due to the lack of training with the house moving thing and also keeping up with my cycling cap orders. I sold my ticket to a friend’s husband and as he is elite cyclist. As the change was done on the day before the event, I ended up getting messages that I had scored the QOM for the day (the actual female who came first was about 20min after Pete’s time) and won top 10 of the finish…! Luckily it was all sorted and the females all were awarded correctly for their placings.

Hobby business wise, it has been great. I had a huge order within November which I needed to finish within 1.5 weeks due to the house-moving thing and also completing custom orders. I am totally obsessed with sewing at the moment as I get to tune out with my audiobooks, destress from work/life and it is a creative outlet for me.

I essentially have not done any events within the last half of this year and I am not going to put myself through any until I get some proper training done. After being dropped in a supposedly easy shop ride last week, I decided that I am going to commit to a training/coaching group, doing more group rides and following a program under the instruction of coaches. I think the only reason why I haven’t signed up to coaching before is that most of them start either too early, not great when you have to travel from Aspendale or they finish too late and with my new field of work, taking a shower at work when everyone has already had an hour’s work will not look great…

I won’t be starting out with them until after my move into the new house and when things settle down with sewing and my work but I am looking forward to setting and achieving new goals in the near future. Some goals I have for cycling include:

  • Being more comfortable about riding in groups, this includes being able to keep up with speeds greater than 30km/hr for the entire ride.

    • This is the only way at which I can finish at a reasonable time for Amy’s Gran Fondo and Giro della Donna

  • Maintaining my cadence > 60 when climbing for gradients > 5%

  • Pushing my power/weight ratio > 2W/kg for the majority of the ride with an average power of > 150W

  • Following on from the power/weight ratio, reducing my fat mass down to < 65kg

Triathlon training really didn’t condition me for road racing/riding, not enough time in groups and not enough opportunities at cornering either. In the past, there would be one or two cycling sessions a week (on windtrainers) and then a long ride on the weekend. Not sufficient for road racing.

Things I will need to invest in for 2017:

  • Getting a power meter for the purpose of monitoring strength and improvement of power to weight ratios. I was supposed to get it within 2016 but luckily it hasn’t been required

  • If I do end up doing proper road racing events then I will need to invest in a non-disc brake, Shimano groupset bike. I can’t reach the brakes and the shifters on my Campagnolo down on the drops and I can’t use my Liv because of disc brakes.

  • Paying for cycling coaching. At the moment, I have been in contact with Lead Out and will try out a week or two before I sign up, most likely on a $130/month plan.

  • Recovery boots. I rented them for 6 months last year when I was training for 3 Peaks and I found them to be a great help especially for my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

I am pencilling in some big goals for 2017 and 2018. I may visit the goal of Falls Creek Challenge again in 2018, with a bit of guidance and a proper training program I want to be able to tick that event off my bucketlist. I will also be biting the bullet and signing up to some road races over the winter months to learn how to ride at a decent distance in a pack.

I am looking forward to being a fitter, better bike handler and generally healthier version of myself for 2017 onwards. 

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