Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Slowly getting there

I am started to pick up my cycling since I got back from holidays and post Bicycle Market/getting my online shop happening

There are a few cycling events lined up for the next 3 months or so but we have just received a notification that we have to vacate our rental... which is a pain in the ass as we have only been in our Aspendale place for just over 6 months!!!

I am hoping to get an entry into Chase the Dog which is a predominately off-road/gravel ride in and around Forrest and I will this ride on my CX bike. Fingers crossed that I am able to ride the entire way and it is not as hard as Ol'Dirty. Then I have Ride to the Divide on the 6th November before the Giro della Donna on the 27th November. That will make up my cycling events for 2016.

I have decided to no longer to the Alpine Classic as I am going to head to Adelaide for the TDU - more because I will be having a pop-up market there.

Although the weather has significantly improved over the last few weeks with temps over 10 degrees celcius, the wind has noticeably picked up. It doesn't really bother me too much as I try to do as many of my long rides in the hills as I can. My goal at the moment is to hit 150km a week. Easy if I choose to ride to work as it is a 60km day. A spin class is about 25km and a long hilly ride should be > 50km. I am definitely using Strava to improve on my times both climbing and descending. I can tell with my descents down 1-in-20 that I am much more faster (up to 3 minutes faster) and more confident as I am learning to descend on the drops instead of the hoods.

For the next few weeks, I will be inspecting houses, saving up money for the rental bond and all the BS that comes with moving house.

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