Monday, 21 March 2016

Moving forward

It has been a week since my post. I am still coughing up my lung but no longer feeling drowsy or sick. I also haven't touched my climbing bike (Avail) since my last big ass ride up Hotham and not touched my Wilier since taper weekend. I think I may have forgotten how to ride a bike...

Well this week, I am going to ease myself back into it....starting out with CF altitude on Tuesday evening. I have also (already) signed up back to Art of Cycling (AOC) on Thursday 5:30am. The Spinroom is opening up a studio in Albert Park in April, I will see how these sessions are and may do these instead of the 5:30am at AOC. Driving all the way to Spotswood from Aspendale can take its toll especially over the West Gate bridge. I will have to be more prepared with my clothing and nutrition so I will drive to work instead of driving all the way home to get ready for work (what I used to do when I lived 2km from work).

This weekend, I have a few cycling things to do:

Easter Friday - I will be trying out track cycling at Brunswick Velodrome. I am excited, yet a bit scared about this...the whole not having control thing with no braking kinda scares me....but I am however looking forward to riding around and around on the velodrome.

(Easter) Saturday - I have planned (even with a Facebook event) to ride up Mt Baw Baw and tick off my 7th and final peaks climb. Fingers crossed I am able to climb this Peak....all I am asking for is good weather. If the weather is crap-o-la, I will try to do the climb either on the Sunday or Monday. If it can't be done during the Easter holidays, then it will be something I will just have to let go of as the 7 Peaks Challenge must be completed by 31 March.

If I have time over the Easter holidays, I may ride the Dirty Gran Fondo (65km) course on my mtb...

I still need to do some strength/endurance training as I have The Ascent ride on 17 April and this is an event I want to be able to complete comfortably.


With regards to training events and goals for 2016/2017, I will need to look into them and put them down in writing. I know one is Amy's Gran Fondo - being able to finish this event under 5 hours is my goal. Taking in account a bike with more gears, me with stronger climbing legs and working on my endurance and road racing skills between now and the event in September. I need to move away from triathlon style training and work on getting stronger with a group.

I will also incorporate more commutes to work on the bike as now I live 13km from work instead of 2km.

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