Thursday, 11 February 2016

Where are your cycling posts?!

Where are my regular updates of my cycling you may ask??? Well, the reason why I haven't done any posts lately is because I haven't done any riding/training....

Late 2015 (we are talking about 23rd December 2015), we were advised by our landlord that we needed to vacate our house as she wanted to sell…..such bad timing! There was nothing for us inspect until the 9th Jan and I was going to be packing the house, moving and unpacking during the peak of my training for Falls Creek…

Since the 130km AUDAX ride in Jan, I haven’t done any long or hilly rides on the weekends as I have been packing the house and not venturing out of Melbourne as I had been doing for the last 3 months.

I have kept up my training on the wattbikes at Melbourne Altitude and Art of Cycling but that is about it….50km a week (not hitting the 400+km required as per the program) with 0 elevation.

We only moved in last weekend (5th – 9th Feb) and during this week, we will be emptying out boxes as the boxes are being returned this weekend and attending two weddings in between….

I am hoping to get back into the hills on Sunday (14th – yes, I know it’s Valentines Day) locally and getting back to the Alpine Region next weekend AND the weekend after if I can. I still need to tick off the back of Falls Creek and I would like to climb Mt Hotham once more before the 13th March.

Time is truly running out and I am stressing.

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