Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Change

Prior to my holidays, I had a bit of a think about my main goal event which is 3 Peaks (13th March 2016). Between now and then, I had Challenge Shepparton as another “A Race” at which I was going to aim to finish this event under 6 hours. I had a bit of a funk in my training as I was stressed about my half marathon and juggling between trying to fit at least 2 sessions of running along with trying to increase my swimming sessions along with cycling and strength work. It was all getting a bit too much and my love for the sport started to strain.

More to life than triathlon - this photo was taken during my holidays in Japan.

Leading up to Shepparton, I would need to spend more time on the TT bike riding flat Beach Road and riding longer distances at a fast pace. I find this counterproductive towards 3 Peaks. I have been training and racing triathlon since 2008 and I have never attempted 3 Peaks before.  The fear of unknown along with using logical thinking, I decided to withdraw from triathlon training and concentrate on cycling for the next 6 months leading to 3 peaks. No more swimming and running “training” sessions. If I do run or swim, they will compliment my 3 peaks training in a way that they will be enjoyable and not damaging to my body.
I made the official decision on my flight back to Australia on the last day of my holidays (whilst in Singapore).  A weight has definitely been lifted off my shoulders after I confirmed my cancellation of my Shepparton entry. My programming of training sessions with just cycling and strength work is much manageable and enjoyable. 

As soon as I returned to Australia, I sold off a few things which I no longer wanted to hold onto such as a tri suit I bought in hopes that I was going to fit into it before Challenge Shepparton (Soas Racing Kit), my expensive Blueseventy Helix wetsuit that I bought before Challenge Shepparton last year (which I never fell in love with and still wore my Rocket Science during Challenge Melbourne) and have lined up my TT bike to be sold within the next few weeks. I will take some time over the weekend to also sell off some triathlon specific equipment which is deemed useless for cycling such as a front mount hydration system, my rear hydration mount system, my triathlon specific cycling shoes, tri kits, caps, old wetsuits etc...the money collected from selling off my triathlon specific equipment will be going towards a Thermomix and my new bike! 

So I am buying a Liv Avail Advanced SL 0 (2015). This bike will be better suited for endurance and hill climbing. It has Dura-Ace Di2 groupset with compact crank and an 11-28 cassette. The Wilier which I have had since 2010 has 11-23 cassette and standard cranks. I am currently working on increasing my cadence especially during my spin classes, much better for hill climbing for such a long period of time. 

With regards to triathlon, I am parking it aside. I am not stressed about the future and if I am going to return to the sport or not. It doesn’t define who I am so I am not worried about losing my identity. There are so many things out there to experience beyond triathlon. I am glad that I have a new goal to aim towards, something unknown for me and something which is more aligned with my interests (cycling industry).

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