Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Looking Ahead - October

Today is the 15th of September - the middle of the month already and this post is long overdue. I have returned from a holiday (Japan and Singapore) and was bed ridden for a week due to a virus. There have been drastic changes in my training and I will go into it more in the next few posts. 

11th October – Around the Bay 210km. I wanted to do a long ride as part of my training towards 3 Peaks so for the first time since I moved to Melbourne, I will be participating in Around the Bay. The logistics of the day will be sorted out soon as I am trying to avoid the crowd and would like to be home early. This may mean that I might have to start my Around the Bay at 4am from my house instead of the official start time and place in the city and just finish home on the way into the city from Sorrento. The event is not officially timed and it is not a race. I just want to spend a long day on the saddle.   

23rd to 25th – Bright Training Camp with Bayside Tri Club. I don’t have too much to talk about here now until I know more information about the itinerary and my abilities.

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