Monday, 16 March 2015

Nothing changes if nothing changes

So I have mentioned a few times about change and this year, I am making plenty of it...

The change of work has been great so far. I am enjoying not spending too much time in the car travelling and I am finding that I have plenty of energy (and time) at the end of the day to either spend it with my partner or go for a ride.

With regards to training, I am mixing things up a bit. I have started to run with the Run Like Crazy crew in Mentone. I have missed 2 weeks due to DOMs and being sick but endeavour to head back next week. I am going to run with them and mix it up a bit with triathlon squad training.

With regards to squad training, I will train more for my schedule and location. I am going to be making drastic changes and this will start in April. In the non-scheduled gaps of my calendar, I am going to commit myself to strength and core work - even if it is just 30min.

I am also going to be managing some of my training based on my body's feedback. I am not going to do double run-ride days twice a week (maybe for the first few weeks?) I find that due to the loads on my joints, I am not able to recover and train the next day at my full potential.

This week's training will be significantly decreased due to work commitments -  I have a 2 day conference on in the city. The first day will start at 8:30am and there is an evening networking session which ends around 10pm. The second day starts at 7am with a breakfast event which I have signed up to. Then that night, I have tickets for The Lion King with my family. On Thursday, I have a workshop in the city which will start at 8am and end at 4:30pm. I guess the only thing I can fit in will be a Tuesday morning run followed by a rush to get ready for the first day of the conference. Training on Wednesday will not be possible and I may do an open water swim on Thursday evening.

I did a few bike rides last week which I loved. A cruisey ride on Monday followed by a quick evening ride on Tuesday. For the rest of the week, I was busy with work but I did a ride on Saturday along the Portarlington Tri course followed by an open water swim (sans wetsuit) around the pier which I loved.

On Sunday, I supported the Tri Alliance squad at the Portarlington triathlon.
I have also committed myself to a huge goal in 2016. I think this goal exceeds the Ironman event. Reason being - there is a cut off time and many people I know who are good athletes, just make it within this time. Training for this event will require me to step out of my comfort zone. More on this later....

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