Thursday, 26 February 2015

Not letting things rule.

I have a few days left before the Corporate Tri this Sunday (1st March). I just realised that I also have Foo Fighters on this weekend and based on all the Foo Fighters concerts I have been to, it will be a long long long night. I used to go to a lot more concerts back in the day but due to their escalating prices and a lifestyle change, I only tend to pick one or two to attend per year. I always go to Foo Fighters as their concerts are "value for money".

I have started to run with a running group on Tuesday mornings and so far, it has been great. I don't have a need to drive all the way to MSAC for coaching. I get to wake up at 5:15-5:30 for a 6am start and be home at 7:10 to get ready for work (including eating breakfast) before 8:30am. Did I mention that work is only a 10min drive door to door?

What I find with running with a running group is that the sessions are about quality and not quantity. If you are a faster runner, you are able to do more laps than the slower ones. The run sessions work on technique and it is not about a "race". So far, I am doing the Tuesday morning sessions as it is what I am used to. They have a run session also on a Thursday morning but this clashes with the laps I am doing at Albert Park. I may be able to do the run session next week as Albert Park is closed due to the GP.

Last week, I did a casual ride down to Mordialloc and back to Elwood before coaching the new group on Saturday. I swam at Mentone on Sunday around 4pm for about 1km or so. It was a really warm day so it was sans wetsuit. The water wasn't as clear as Elwood on the Thursday night which was strange for both sites. So far I have been doing one session a day which is all I need for now. I am not racing Ironman nor am I aiming for any one of the Gatorade or Team Up races either. I was going to do the Team Up race at Sandringham last Sunday but decided that the anxiety I have about the Corporate Tri is just that - all in my head. I know that I can do a race and there is no expectation that I would be good at it. I decided to not do a practise race before the Corporate Tri - I will just do the actual event and save my money. I think doing a few runs with the run group has helped that too - being able to push myself beyond the comfortable pace.

I will most likely be doing a casual ride down to Mordy on Saturday morning before coaching on Saturday. The registration and bike check in for the corporate tri is on the Saturday which means that it will be a pretty long day for me. Hopefully I can get some rest after that before heading out for Foo Fighters.

I am looking forward to this weekend - be amongst everyone who is doing this event. Its not all about the long distances, not always about going to sessions after sessions and it is not about being better than others.

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