Thursday, 19 February 2015

It's Official - Dirty Gran Fondo

It is now official, I will be participating in the Dirty Gran Fondo on the 17th May 2015. I have not been on the MTB since.....the last DGF?! Or was it the ride I did with Sally a month or so after that?

Anyways, the bike needs to be fixed before I can take it out on the road and I really need to do a few rides before I do this event. Bike skills have not improved. I think due to my big fall in July 2014 where I fell on my face at a CX training course, I have been very hesitant on the bike, even on the roadie.

I have signed up for the 65km course and it may take me up to 6 hours to complete the course, considering it took me over 3 hours to do the 35km. They have changed the course slightly this year which may mean that I am able to ride more of it rather than being shit-scared of the sharp descent.

Anyhoos, looks like a few weekends at Lysterfield and You Yangs will be required to build up my confidence and bike skills.Wish me luck!

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