Sunday, 18 January 2015

Two more weeks.....really??

In two weeks, I have Challenge Melbourne! It is a half-distance triathlon - 1.9km swim, 90km ride and a half marathon. After Challenge Shepparton, I said that I would train better to get a better result for Challenge Melbourne. Two weeks to go for this event and I must admit whole heartedly that I have not done this.

A few things have come about since Shepparton. I did a trail run event which was fantastic. I resigned from my previous employer whom I had been with for 8.5 years on the 1st December. Since I resigned, I have had to spend time to train/handover projects and also do some prep work for the next role. I had mentioned that the new work is really close to my home - this has been great since I started on the 13th Jan.

So my brother and his wife (the ones who now live in Japan) came to Melbourne for 10 days on the 21st Dec. We spent a few days down at Rye and visited some touristy places down at Mornington. We went to the strawberry farm and up at Arthurs Seat. I did one run (of about 7km) around Mornington through the trails which I enjoyed.

I only did one ride over the Hell Week period which was the unofficial Christmas Day ride of about 70km, ride to the start, around to Black Rock, then to Pete and Sharon's house for breakfast and coffee and then a ride home. I didn't do too much after that but spent time with the family.

I didn't really follow the training program much but did a few 100km rides before work started for the year. A few swims in the sun and now I have a nice shade of tan in contrast to shape of my bathers. I did a few "long" runs since the start of the training program and just finished the longest run since my trail run last Nov this morning.

My training program has now settled down to the following until Challenge Melbourne:

Mon - Morning swim at GESAC before work starting at 5:45am.
Tues - Morning intervals most likely at Mentone rather than MSAC as my working day starts at 8am. Tuesday will most likely be a road ride as we can't do windtrainer yet due to the school closures.
Wed - Open water swims in the morning or same as Monday.
Thurs - Ladybombs in the morning, afternoon run intervals at Elwood.
Fri - Endurance swims at GESAC
Sat - Long ride.
Sun - Long Run

This weekend was the peak week for training so the ride, run off the bike and the long run was the longest distance. I did a 100km ride and no more. The program had 130km but I had too many things to balance up. I did however did my longest and best run in ages this morning. We did 3 laps of the Challenge Melbourne run course which was great for mental boost. We didn't end up swimming due to the conditions (being shit...)

I am really looking forward to Challenge Melbourne - it being the last long course event for the season and start to enjoy being out on the bike doing short rides and not "training" and spending time on being a friend, partner, daughter and sister.

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