Friday, 12 December 2014

New Role in the New Year!

I can finally announce (to the audience who read my blogs) that I have resigned from my current role and will be moving to another company in the new year. How does this impact on my training life? Plenty!
  • The office of this company is 3km from my house.
  • This means that on recovery days, I am able to sleep in closer to the start of the working day as it takes me 30min to walk, 15min slow ride (pub bike speed), 5min drive.
  • This means that I can do my swim sets in the morning and be at work in 5min (pool being 3km from work) or drive home to shower/breakfast and then get to work on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • There is a pretty sweet park nearby which means that I can do my runs there in the mornings or during my lunch breaks.
  • There are plenty of parking onsite so I don't have to pay nearly $6K/year for parking - money which can go towards more sweet cycling gear. #sockdoping #newkitday
In general, I am looking forwards to this change. I have been with my current employer for 8.5 years. In my new role, I will be in a leadership role and implementing some training and support for this company which is something which I am excited about.

One of the reasons why I took on this role is the company's core values which they spoke about on day 1 of the job interview. As some of you may know, core values is something which I am a strong believer of. If you have strong core values in life - be it family, work or training, things will be held together and be sustainable (sustained life).

I start this role on the 13th Jan 2015. My last long course race is on the 1st Feb 2015 - 3 weeks after I start this new role. Fingers crossed that I am able to balance out work and training within the first few weeks of starting out there.

I am so looking forward to joining this new company - I will be contributing to their sustainability which is something I am passionate about. Can't wait!

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