Monday, 24 November 2014

Recovery Week

So it has been more than a week since my Challenge Shepparton event (1.9/90/21.1) and I think my body has finally recovered and I am about to start another build into another half-iron-distance event.

My next (triathlon) event is Challenge Melbourne (1.9/90/21.1) and it's on the 1st February 2014. I have also put my name down for the corporate triathlon on the 1st March. So far, what have I been up to?

Monday 17th - Massage
Tuesday 18th - Nothing
Wednesday 19th - Nothing
Thursday 20th - Lady bombs (Recovery) and open water swim
Friday 21st - Nothing
Saturday 22nd - 1km open water swim for corporate games. I think my time was around 24min. This is slow!
Sunday 23rd - Nothing

I have a 21-22km trail run event on Saturday evening. I am planning on doing a 50-70km ride (may not be on the TT bike) to turn the legs as I don't want to smash myself before a half marathon. On Sunday, I will see what I feel like doing...I won't get back to Melbourne in time for the Sunday ride with the crew. Might do an open water swim or something....who knows. I might even just go exploring on my CX bike...

Anyways, this week's training has not gone off with a good start. My swim session today was cancelled due to the possibility of thunderstorms (pool was closed) then I couldn't do the afternoon session as I have an appointment.

My Tuesday's training will be determined by the weather. If the weather forecast is great, I will be riding into work, early due to a 8am meeting and this will also cover off a bike session in the pm. Wednesday will be "back to pool" day with a gym session thrown in as I need to work on my strength. Thursday will be a bike session in the morning and then open water swim and run. Friday may be an endurance swim or a gym session.

As far as nutrition is concerned. Our fruit and veg orders are back so we are consuming plenty of fresh fruit and veg everyday. I am finding myself only consuming gels/supplements during my Saturday and Sunday training days. All other days are done without gels for which I am okay with. My nutrition during Challenge Shepparton was pretty much spot on so there isn't really anything I would change about it.

I am looking forward to Challenge Melbourne. I really had fun last year albeit it was a shortened race and it was a bloody warm day.

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