Friday, 24 October 2014

Ride2Work and Around the Bay week.

Last week was "bike week" in Victoria - we had Ride2Work day on Wednesday 15th and then it was Around the Bay on Sunday 19th.

Due to R2W, my training had to accommodate, not because I was forced to, but I genuinely love this day! I did a 5km run on Monday evening (a lap around Albert Park lake) and tried out the Tuesday morning swim session with Des. I enjoyed being back with the squad and bringing things back to basics but after just completed the 2nd swim session this morning, I think I may need to jump to the next level up. Real poo poo as I like my swims done in the morning and not start at 7:30pm at night. Will talk about that more later.

Wednesday I rode into work the quicker way through Port Melbourne and South Melbourne (around 30km, 1 hour) but the ride home took me nearly 1:45 to ride 35km due to travelling through Port Melbourne business park and into the headwind pretty much from Port down to Sandringham. My legs were trashed by the end as I was riding on the roads (rather than bike path) and into 40km/h winds.

I was too buggered from Wednesday's ride that I didn't end up doing my lady bombs session on Thursday morning, instead I slept in and did a pretty good Elwood combo session that night. The swim as suppose to be a long one but due to the wind and chop, we only did 500m over and through the cold waves (I loved it!). I then ran a good and steady pace of 4km into the headwind and 4km with the tail wind with Caroline.

The weekend consisted of a 100km ride on Saturday and a 14km run on the Sunday. My long rides and runs have not been meeting the program but for now, it is what I can do having had a break from it for so long. Due to the wind, I only managed 100km within 4 hours. The program had 4-5 hours or 130km. With the run, the program said 18km, I am still getting there and slowly increasing my distance. My pace is great for the first 10km or so but something happens after this and I just lose interest and motivation in my runs and just end up jog/walking the last few km. I didn't end up doing a long swim on Sunday afternoon as I had to do a few things for work.

As it was Around the Bay on Sunday, I ran along Beach Road and got amongst the people who were riding. There was an amazingly strong Northerly so people who were riding towards the city from Sorrento/Frankston way copped it bad. There was one guy who was pedalling with one leg, he must have such a strong core to be able to balance and only ride with one leg - amazing!

So there is about 26 days left until Shepparton. My swims are going good. It is something which I enjoy doing as it doesn't hurt my joints. Cycling is coming along and riding 100km is comfortable for me, it is just a matter of trying not to get bored. Running is slow but steady, never been a good runner so I have no expectations and I am realistic about what I can do.

I need to re-think about my training week as I don't think swimming on Tuesday mornings will benefit me. I have been advised by Des to move up a group. I need to either join a swim squad on the Monday and Wednesday mornings (I think GESAC has squad training) or swim late with the Tri Alliance squad during Monday and Wednesday evenings. There is also a swim with JVW open water on Wednesday evenings (starts on the 5th Dec) as well as Elwood Combo on Thursday evenings and Sunday (my own swim at Mentone). GAH too many options!!

I want to monitor how my legs handle the running load - I know that 2 sessions a week is just tipping the pain/load scale at the moment. It really depends on what the set consists of and how my technique holds up. I do find that I get more niggles during the interval sets compared to the long endurance runs.

Loving my Thursday Lady Bombs so will want to work my training around this to ensure that I keep motivated with cycling. Long ride on Saturdays are a must, this is to ensure that I have the volume in my legs. Something which I have been questioning, is it better to:
1) Ride 100km and work on a solid run off the bike?
2) Ride 130km, small run off the bike. This ride is nearly 50% increase beyond the actual race (only doing half distances)?

Has anyone looked into this theory or has all the coaching trends just worked off others and stuck with the volume and time on the bike as a priority?

Since returning from holidays, I have been able to train more consistently as the days go by. The training schedule leading up to Shepparton was a balancing act between work, training and being stupidly tired due to the load and demands. Fingers crossed that the weeks leading up to Challenge Melbourne will be more efficient.

Next weekend is Noosa weekend. For the first time in 3 years, I have decided to stay in Melbourne over that weekend. Its will be good as:
1) Don't spend more money
2) Train through the weekend

Projects are coming along great and it keeps me bust amongst all other things.

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