Monday, 13 October 2014

Reflection and Obesession

Well, I really haven't been keeping this training log up to date. This would be directly related to the amount of effort I am also putting into my training and inversely related to the amount of effort I am putting into "life outside of triathlon".

I have cut down my training to pretty much one session a day (apart from Thursdays) and 5-6 days a week. I am finding it great as I get to have more than 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night, get to spend time with my partner (and dog) and I can put an effort into my mini projects.

Recently, I have also decided to sell a few things online as I have no longer any need for them. This includes any "extra" bikes I have lying around the house. I have sold Dale (the Cannondale Slice TT) and will be selling my single speed George. I need to pay off debts as well as saving up for a dual suspension mountain bike (a Liv Lust).

Bye bye Dale!
With regards to mini projects, I am doing a few things:
- Continue with my side project of custom made cycling wares -
- Learning about Global Responsible Initiative (reporting) and being able to provide this service
- Tidying up a few things regarding my future qualifications

Things I have been obsessed about recently:
  • Toasted marshmellows - ever since the Canadian and I came back from holidays, we have been treating ourselves to toasted marshmellows (on the gas stove) pretty much on a daily basis. We both love it. We each pretty well in general over all meals so this is our little treat.
  • Buzzfeed videos - especially the ones about Buzzfeed staff trying out foods/drinks from other Countries.
  • Oil Pulling - I read about this practise a while ago and never actually did it. Since I returned from holidays, I decided to give it a crack. The first few days were terrible, I gagged so much but now, I do it on a daily basis first thing in the morning. I have to admit I tend not to do it for the full 20min, 10min my average. I use coconut oil.
  • Butter (and/or cream) in my coffee - Love the cream served in coffee when I was overseas and just continued with it. I am also adding some butter with my milk frother in the morning at home. Coffee to a new level.
  • Maple syrup.
  • A Liv (Giant) Lust bike. This will be my next bike but I am only planning on obtaining this after February.
  • The new Funkita range of bathers. I want at least 2 of them. I have made a promise with a friend that I must do 6 sessions in a row to qualify a purchase.
On the training side of things, I did my own open water swim on the weekend at Mentone. The water is still chilly but the wetsuit did help. I did a pole to pole (being 500m apart) return swim. The water at Mentone is so clear at the moment and I could see my own shadow. I have noticed that there seemed to be a starfish epidemic at the moment. Something which I haven't observed in Mentone ever.

I have done two Lady Bomb rides in a row and have loved them. As much as I am suppose to be doing a run session Thursday morning, I am going to change it to Lady Bombs in the morning and will follow this up with a run and swim at Elwood.

With regards the Sunday plan of open water swim followed by a run at Elwood, I will speak to the coaches about doing this at my own time and around Mentone. What I will most likely do is do a long run first followed by an endurance swim at which I get to complete the distance on the program at my own pace.

Anyways, due to the time I need to set aside for my side projects, my training-life will need to take a back seat. I am ok with it as I have achieved my big races and they are ticked off my bucket list.

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