Sunday, 13 July 2014

Weekly Reflection 05/07 - 11/07

Oh My God....I went from an awesome, fun, exciting week of training to one of my worst! No consistency, lacking motivation and very lethargic. I sensed something was wrong from Saturday afternoon when my lower back ached like there was no tomorrow... then later on that evening, my episodes started along with my favourite time of the month....blergh.

My cramps, back aches, migraines, sore legs stayed with me all week until the point where I was taking medication and went to the doctors on Thursday evening as it went on for over 5 days which was the longest pain I had experienced for a long long time. A visit to the doctors, I walked away with a prescription and a referral to an ultrasound. I am still yet to make an appointment.

Back to the training side of things, I had one of my best rides in a long time during Saturday morning. We rode from Eltham to Kinglake and back. I was suppose to go to Kinglake West but as I was escorting a group through, I couldn't leave them by themselves as they had never been to Kinglake before. I really enjoyed that ride as I nailed my gearing, I held my core and I also took on my nutrition right on time. By the end of the 3 hours or so, I was feeling great. I loved every incline and gained confidence on the descents. I didn't have any anxiety attacks nor did I hesitate when I needed to swerve towards the right. Loved it! As I had mentioned before, my pains started on Saturday night and so I couldn't do anything more than roll out of bed and sit on the couch and my sewing table - there was no way I could do my long run.

I didn't do any other training during the week apart from the windtrainer session on Tuesday night and that was done very uncomfortably (sore back and sore hips). So my lack of blogging about my training was pretty much due to my lack of it....

On the side, I have started on my website for my cyclingwares - I will be blogging about my work which I have become engrossed in over the weekends. I am not making millions but I am enjoying creating special pieces. The website is light on content as I only started it last week when I blogged about a cycling cap that I created to match a bike.

Favourite session of the week: The bike ride I did on Saturday 5th July was great! I loved riding towards Kinglake, I love the way it pushes me to work on my core, my glutes and my technique. I nailed my nutrition and couldn't wipe the smile off my face!!

Least favourite session of the week: Where do I start? I hated not being able to do any training whilst I struggled with all my pains - I didn't swim, I didn't run, I couldn't even supplement my training with any strength so shit.

Advice of the week: I guess the advice I could give this week is to nail the nutrition during training - when you are correctly fuelled (correct in timing and type), your body will thank you for it!

Thing I’m looking forward to next week: I don't actually have many weeks left of training before I head off on my long service leave. I am looking forward to being able to get back into the swing of things and work more on my website and passion.

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