Thursday, 31 July 2014

Long Service Leave!

I will be out of Australia from 4th Aug through to 18th September - long service leave yo!

I have been with my current employer for over 8 years now and decided that I will take up the opportunity of taking my long service leave pro-rata. Timing has worked out perfectly as my brother decided to also get married in August and I really don't have any big race-goals for this season. When I say-race goals, I have re-assessed where I am at the moment regarding interest/motivation/commitment/health/time/dedication to triathlon.

Since my concussion, things have not been great. My memory is shocking, my words are so jumbled that I may have to read this entry about 10 times before I press the "publish" button. I may also be distracted from reading it 10 times due to short attention spans I am feeling lately. I went back on the bike (albeit on the ergo) on Tuesday night with the squad and lets just say, got dizzy, headache started and when I turned around quick and looked back at the other guys, my head just went into a whirlwind and it took a while for things to look "balanced". I haven't been on the bike on the roads yet but it won't be happening until I get into Canada in mid August.

I went swimming on Monday morning. I could do everything except for swimming backstroke. I got too dizzy and nearly had a mini spew in the pool. Just a small 2km for me at the moment. Will be bringing a set of Funkita bathers and goggles overseas. There is a big chance that we may be having a day out at the waterpark in Edmonton a few days before we support our friends who are competing in the Age Group World Champs. Oh, before I forget, we have been invited to attend the "Athletes and Family" breakfast on Thursday 28th so we will be in Edmonton from the 27th Aug onwards.

Currently in two minds about what to bring over to Canada/US in terms of cycling. I could just order a jersey and get it shipped over. Been eyeing off some socks and a jersey from Ten Speed Hero for a while now. This way, I am able to save on baggage. Will bring my bibs, helmet, shoes, pedals and saddle and one of my Bike Love cycling cap. I have decided to rent a demo bike from Oak Bay in Victoria instead of bringing or sending my Wilier over...was going to cost me $800 of excess baggage or $660 one way shipping. We haven't yet entered the Whistler Gran Fondo but most likely we will enter it when we arrive in Vancouver. At the moment, I am spending too much money on travel insurance!

My (own) cycling cap which I was planning on
wearing during the Rapha Womens100. Will be wearing this overseas.
I will bring a pair of runners (for running), a pair of shorts and a singlet to keep "fit" whilst I am over there. Will be taking advantage of the great scenery and hopefully get some awesome maps on my Garmin and Strava files. I am looking forward to experiencing Canada/US without the pressure of training to align myself with the program.

We haven't booked anything yet but as we are returning back to Melbourne from LA, we may head to Las Vegas for Interbike as well as the Cross Vegas events.

I am in two minds at the moment about Shepparton in November. I know that I am able to get through the event but is it worth while? I will give it a bit more thought into it when I return and re-assess then. Accommodation is booked so I am happy to just spend a weekend in Shepparton supporting others.

Whilst on holidays, I am going to be working on my side business and bringing it up to scratch. I have decided what type of business I am going to be doing - steering towards the bespoke/custom cycling wares rather than the mass market. There are a few collaboration projects in the pipeline but I am not able to disclose them once I finalise it when I return. I will be writing up about all the work I have been doing since I decided to take orders since June 2014. Two months on and I have completed about 50 orders. Will be trying to ramp up interest especially before the Christmas season, gifts related to cycling will be a big draw card!

I am hoping to keep this blog going whilst I am away on holidays alongside my website. I bought a new Macbook Air last week. Replacing the battery for my old Macbook + updating software was going to cost me only $300 less than a newer and slimmer laptop. I am looking forward to sitting down in a cafe and just enjoy me time.


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