Friday, 11 April 2014

Rain Rain...

The skies are so grey, it makes the day go by so much more slower (insert sad face, still at work).

Lucky for me, this is the month of April when I do pretty much F-all and not stress about the "training bank".

So what has been happening over the week? I did a 1.7km with the squad on Monday night. Even though it was only 1.7km, I didn't get home until 9:30pm. As much as I would love a sleep in on a Monday morning, I don't think the evening swim sessions will be sustainable for me.

I rode into work on the CX bike on Tuesday morning. Didn't look at the weather forecast much and the heavens opened up by mid morning which resulted in a train ride home in the afternoon, my first one in about 4 years! It hasn't stopped raining since Tuesday and so I really haven't done much riding. If it remains to be wet over the weekend, it would be ideal as I am planning on doing a few rides on the CX bike and practicing my skills (mainly in the mounting and carrying bike over barriers).

I decided not to go to do the 1000 steps this year as I want to do a few things around the house on Sunday.

Fingers crossed that the weather is OK for the Liv/Giant & Tri Alliance ladies ride on Saturday morning. I am looking forward to a casual ride to Mordialloc.

On a non-triathlon-training side of things, I have signed up to Kelly Brothers for my fresh fruit and vegetable delivery. At the moment I have signed up for a fortnightly delivery but I think we may have to do a weekly as we are absolutely loving the vegetables we have and the fact that I am planning my meals around the vegetables. Blown away by the amount of fruit and vegs that came in the box. There is about 3 layers of fruit and veg under what is shown on the photo below. For $45 a box, its a great buy!!

They say that with triathlon, your weakest discipline is what you "let go" first during recovery and what you "take up" last amongst the training schedule after your recovery period. This is very true in my world. Apart from the odd scoot when I crossed the road, I have not done any running/jogging of any kind. I am thinking a new pair of shoes will encourage me more? :)
A visit to the bikram room will be on the cards this weekend. I am looking forward to spending 90min in a hot and humid environment, stretching and sweating it out.

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