Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Property Industry Foundation Ride 2017

My work received a few tickets for the Property Industry Foundation (PIF) Cycling day on the 17th December 2017.

There were two distances - 50km and 75km with the following elevations 700m and 1300m respectively. The ride is organised by the guys at TKM and so I knew that the ride would be not for the average person to complete in time for lunch. I decided that the 50km would be sufficient and I would make it back for lunch at 1pm.

The ride started at 9am and I arrived a bit later than the anticipated meeting time and parked up the top of the RACV club. I just had enough time to go to the toilet at the main club area and then get my bike ready. I thought I was late as I heard the announcements whilst I was driving up so I was in a slight panic getting ready.

When I rode down to the start, I had enough time to chat to work people, catch up with others I knew and enough time to register and put the relevant registration stickers on my helmet and seat post.

I knew that I was not going to keep up with the majority of the group so I started out the back and rode at my own pace. Within 7km, I was already riding by myself as I am not great on climbs. I didn't mind as it is something which I am used to. The ride along Maroondah hwy was not pleasant but as soon as we peeled off into the wineries from Hill Rd, the ride was pleasant and pretty scenic. The remainder of the ride was challenging with good rolling hills but there was a section of Boundary Road which I had to hop off the bike as it was 17-20%. Within the group I was riding with, only one person rode up the road but he had to ride from side to side of the road and out of the saddle. The road was so steep that everyone struggled to even push their bikes up.

There was a feed station at 35km at which everyone stopped for a feed. I stopped for 10min or so before they made the announcement that the 75km would go off first turning left and the 50km riders would be sent off 5min later turning right.

I rode with a friend of mine whom I knew from triathlon days and we chatted most of the way back to the start. As there were only 9 females within the 120 riders and we finished the ride early, we didn't have to wait for showers to be free and we had plenty of time to get ready for lunch.

During the lunch, there were a few items for auction. I only put a bid in only for a set of 302 Zipp wheels with a RRP of $2100 but my limit was $1500. I didn't end up winning the wheels (which went for $1700) but it was good to participate in the auction and exposure for the company I work for and also being one of the 9 females of the day.

This event raised over $40K for PIF House Program and the Chatterbox Youth Outreach Bus.

With this ride being on a Friday, I didn't end up riding with LOC but did a recovery ride to Studley Park and rode a few laps with friends and then a recovery ride back home which ended up being a 90km day with 1000m elevation. The plan was to ride Donna Buang on Sunday but due to fatigue, I ended up just sleeping in and caught up on housework and life.

I have Giro della Donna on Sunday 26th, really looking forward to this event. The weather forecast is not looking well but at least it is not below 10 degrees.

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