Thursday, 2 February 2017

Getting back into it...

Since we returned back to Melbourne from spending a week in Adelaide for the Tour Down Under, I have done 3 Lead Out Cycling sessions.

On Australia Day, I did the skills session at Richmond Blvd. We worked on smooth rolling turns followed by track turns. Rolling turns works when riders are riding two abreast and the riders on the right hand side moves up to the front and then across to the left once they have spent enough time on the front. The speed of the group shouldn't be surging unless you are the last cyclist on the left side and then moving to the right and also the slight surge to move in front of the cyclist on the left when you are riding on top of the group.

Track turns is done when you are in single file and when the lead cyclist has done their turn at the front, then will flick their elbows, move slightly on the left so that the cyclist behind them will overtake on the right. The lead cyclist will then keep riding at the group's speed until they are about 3-4 riders in front of the one which dropped off and then move towards the left, this way you and the line of cyclists behind don't chop off cyclists on the road.

After the training session, I quickly rushed off for a shower and to pick up a cycling cap which I wanted to gift to a friend who was attending the #TowardsZero crit at Albert Park lake. Luckily I met my friends and had enough time to watch a few laps and then the finish. Due to the 2 hour break in between the female and male races, I went and bought coffee beans and then did a few body maintenance things before I headed home.

On the Saturday 28th, it was the long ride with LOC. It was recovery week so the long ride was not too long, only from St Kilda to Mordialloc and then back to St Kilda. During the ride, we did rolling turns  amongst a group of about 7 cyclists which was good to maintain a sensible speed and everyone had a turn at the front. As I didn't need to head to work, I stayed for coffee with the group for the first time.

Then on the 31st Jan, I didn't end up doing the Boat Ramp session as I had a very early start at work but I made it to this morning's Team TT session at Albert Park lake. For this session, we started with a warm up lap around Albert Park lake as a whole group followed by Team TT efforts with groups of 3 or 4. I was in a group with Dave and Cheryl , we all are new to Leadout. For this session, I wanted to work on cycling on the drops and utilising the lower centre of gravity for cornering at speed. I did this successfully so I am happy. I was nervous at first because it was hard to see so early in the morning as we started at 5:45am.

Compared to the Ladybombs sessions, we all took turns at the front so the speed varied based on where we were around the lake as well picking up pace based on who was out the front. As we were in smaller groups, it gave us a chance to do track turns.

This weekend is the first hilly ride for the year at the Dandenongs. I am nervous for this session as it would be the first time riding the hills with LOC. I will report how this session went and what lessons I learnt.

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