Friday, 26 August 2016

Cycling/Life Update

It has been over a month since my last blog post. Since the Liv Trail ride, I haven’t been on the bike as I went overseas for a little holiday. We were supposed to head to Canada/US again back to the motherland, but due to a few family circumstances, we decided that we will see the family at the end of the year instead.

We ended up travelling to Thailand (Phuket and Bangkok) and Vietnam (Hanoi and Ha Long Bay) over 2.5 weeks. The holiday was amazingly filled with food (mango sticky rice), fresh juices (mango, coconut and watermelon) coupled with plenty of walking and tourist site seeing.   

Looking ahead in my schedule, I have a few events coming up. This Sunday 28th, I am doing the Ol’Dirty which will be the longest ride on my CX bike (on gravel). The conditions will not be wet so it should be more comfortable than if it was pissing down with rain.

Then I have one more weekend before Amy’s Gran Fondo….which I am slightly worried about as I haven’t been on a bike in 2.5 months.

On the 17th Sept, I am setting up a Pop Up store at the FYXO Melburn Bicycle Market from 7-11am selling my cycling caps and musettes. Then on Sunday the 18th, I am going to be doing the Dirty (Medio) Gran Fondo (Gembrook) again - maybe on the CX bike, will see how I fare at Ol'Dirty.  

I haven’t signed up for Around the Bay yet but most likely will or do a long ride that day with a few hundred others. I don't need to stop at the aid stations (never ever liked to stop for long periods or eat too much food).

The Giro della Donna is on the 27th Nov and I am putting that down as the main event for 2016. I want to do better than last year – both time wise and general bike fitness/confidence riding up and down the hills.

In 2017, I am going to do the Alpine Classic ride again (accommodation booked) but will decide if I am going to do the 200km Buffalo Sunrise or the 130km Falls Creek (same one as last year).

As far as Peaks Challenge, I am not going to do it for 2017. My heart is not into it. I need to feel positive about it before I can sign myself up not only for the event but also the funds and time on the bike. I might look into doing an Everest in 2017 instead.

Safe Cycling XX

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