Monday, 13 June 2016

Cycling and Stuff Update

It has been over a month since my last event and I have just been doing a few rides here and there. My next cycling event on the calendar is the Ella x MAAP ride on the 25th June and Melburn Roobaix on the 26th June.

I haven't signed up for Peaks Challenge yet. I am still not committed to it. Although I enjoyed the training, I look back at all the hard work, money spent travelling and paying for accommodation and just not being at home and then stressing out about the ability to meet the 13 hour deadline is not something which I look forward to. So for now, I am going to work on manageable goals in getting stronger on the bike rather putting myself through that realm again until I am ready, both physically and mentally.

I enjoy cycling, don't get me wrong. It is something which I have carried on doing after my stint with triathlon-ing. I have continued with cycling to keep me fit and the impact on my joints has been minimal so that's a benefit.

Looking ahead, after Melburn Roobaix, I have my sights set on Ol'Dirty on the 28th Aug, Amy's Gran Fondo on the 11th Sept (main event), Dirty Gran Fondo Gembrook on the 18th Sept and then I may or may not do Around the Bay in October. I had such a great time last year and the weather was just pure-100% perfect so I just don't want to ruin my experience.

I have changed things around a bit. I am trying out new spin classes to work on strengthening myself on the bike. I am sticking with the Wattbikes but I am mixing things up a bit as different classes use different watt bike types and training types.

Without being too specific:
Class 1 - Often work on technique, we actually look at the pedal efficiency, work on the core. When we work on strength, the cadence is very low and I crank up the fan all the way up to 10 and the magnet to 5-6 and can be pedalling from 50rpm all the day up to 65rpm. We do a few max efforts along the way. The efforts are based on % of max efforts so it will depend on what you determine your max effort is.

Class 2 - They work with the zones based on your MMP test. I attend more KOM classes so during these sessions they work mainly on low cadences and maintaining particular zones. This class has a combination of Wattbike Pro and Wattbike Trainers. I have only used Pro bikes by mistake. The cons about this session is the distance from home. The drive alone is about 40km and the class which I do starts at 5:30am (4am alarm) I really enjoy working within the zones as it is different for everyone.

Class 3 - They only have Wattbike Pro and the difference is within the recovery periods where you want to be able to spin the legs out. I haven't done too many of their sessions. The first session, they instructor based it on W/kg which was hard to maintain for long periods of time especially when your fitness and strength is not quiet there. Everyone had to ride on the same gear and maintain the approx the same cadence so it was hard to maintain especially when the gears of the bike is harder than what I am used to. I am going to attend more of these classes as I feel that I am not part of the main group and therefore, plenty to improve. The location is also great as it is around the corner from work.

I haven't done too many road rides. I just haven't been motivated enough to do them myself as I haven't got a group to do it with and I am not pressured to do it if I am not with a group. If the weather is shit, I stay indoors. I do replace those outdoor rides with spin classes so I am still working on my riding muscles.

Fingers crossed this weekend will have good weather as I would like to complete the Crucifix before the Ella x Maap ride.

Too cold to even smile (4 degrees)

Friends of Tribal Ride (28th May)

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