Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Looking Ahead - February 2016

February will be a stressful month for me. It is the last month at which I can do any more training for 3 Peaks, I have planned on tackling Mt Baw Baw to finish off my 7 Peaks Challenge, I have 2 weddings to attend and there will be a big chance that I am going to be moving house (if it is not done by the end of January).

Due to double wedding on the weekend of 12th – 14th February, I am not able to head back out to Bright for the training camp but I have signed up for Mt Baw Baw with the Domestique group. I do have a wedding at 3pm around Gisborne and the ride doesn’t start until 10am, I may have to get this ride out of the way early before the crowd hits or the day after the wedding.

There are no more events prior to 3 Peaks so it is just a matter of putting in as many hours as I can on the saddle and putting as much stress on my legs as I can in training for the big day.
Some “big day climbs” I might add to my training schedule in February include:
  •           Super Crucifix x2
  •           Donna Buang x 4
  •           Bright to Hotham x 2
  •           Mt Beauty – Falls – Anglers (and return) and Towonga if possible.

Just writing this post is making me nervous for 3 Peaks. I don’t have many weekends left for training and I can’t avoid not moving house within the next few weeks. STRESS!

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