Friday, 24 April 2015

Taking Strength Seriously

Strength work as part of my triathlon training has been missing in action throughout my training career. I am not talking about strength whilst we are swimming, riding or running - this is the strength work which we are suppose to do outside of these sessions. There are several reasons why they have not been part of my routine and I will be honest here:
  • Any spare time I have outside of work and training is spent in a horizontal position, resting
  • It hasn't been provided outside of swim, bike and run training sessions by a coached session
  • I am not being held accountable for my strength training although programs are provided
As I mentioned before under a previous post, I am going to take strength sessions seriously this season as I have set a few drastic goals within the next 6 - 10 months. This includes finishing Challenge Shepparton under 6 hours (easy to achieve for Challenge Melbourne but I don't find Challenge Melbourne enjoyable and it will impact on my next goal) which is to complete 3 Peaks within the time of 13 hours.

I have come close to finishing a half-ironman distance under 6 hours. However, this was only achieved when I was training for my first Ironman. I was consistent in my training as I was stepping into new territory and I was not (yet) fatigued and I was actually doing pilates and some strength work for a few weeks. My cycling, although it was my favourite leg of a triathlon when I first started, have suffered due to my lack of strength and endurance when I am on the saddle for 5+ hours. My attendance in the hills over the winter months of 2014 was minimal due to coaching commitments which I have decided to withdraw from since March 2015.

This season, I have signed up to an actual strength training program with Excite Health and Fitness with regular check-ins and taking into account my goals for the season. I am really looking forward to this journey (starting on Monday 27th April) and will be blogging on how I am going throughout as part of my regular posts.
Chris from Excite is starting me off with a 12 week strength program consisting of 2 sessions per week. These sessions are tailored around my weaknesses and what I need for my bike strength and lets not forget core.

Looking at the training session on offer from Bayside, I am going to fit these strength sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays - morning or night will depend on my recovery from the day before and also the weather.

I am being held accountable for these sessions as I have to report back to Chris every 4 weeks.I have always been a person who hates to disappoint others, hence the lack in team sports. I am going to make this work as to not make it a waste of time for both parties involved.

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